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We have projects for you in the field of internet advertising. We can partner with our projects or help you with professional support.


Internet advertising is a rising trend and now a service available to everyone, we have projects to get a share of this huge cake. You can take part here with your ads and sponsorships.


Everything now has an application. but we found a few that are not. With our mobile application projects, we have already started to work for our projects that will make your life easier and gain profit!


It’s a little cliché, but what we do is a guarantee of what we will do. We can do something for you. Would you like us to develop advertising projects for your business or site?

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Our team

There are many digital advertising platforms that you will promote on the internet, but only the right team will help you achieve your goals.

Emin Erman Taşatmanlar

Digital Advertising Manager

Expert in digital advertising creation and management.

Cemal Cem Taşatmanlar

Seo and Content Manager

He is an expert in creating SEO compatible internet media content.

Our Competencies

Our Google ads products expertise.

Google Ads Fundamentals

Google Ads Search Network

Google Digital Sales Certificate

Google Ads Search Network Certificate

Our Projects

A few of our internet advertising and mobile application projects …

Neler Nedir?

Our article site that we will present with original content for internet users.

Elektro Spor

Our current news and article site about the new sports activity of our age, e-sports.

China Number1

Our promotional coupon site to compare the products of China-based shopping sites.


Our Affiliate Programs

Digital Advertising and Affiliate Platforms we partner with

Our target for 2020

We started with 3 projects in 2019. Our goals for the next year are much bigger.




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